Monday, January 21, 2008

Jo Bar & Rotisserie

The Hamburgler didn't run into Will Oldham on the streetcar on the way there (see reference), but looks like it was a fancy lunch:

Ya, I don't know anymore. Time to get a little tougher on any burger that is over $10.00. It comes with expectations.

This cheeseburger with Brie and made with Filet Mignon is $11.00. Comes with homemade Potato chips, grilled onions, and the usual suspects. Split it with a friend and both had to exclaim how it tasted like meatloaf with all the seasoning and was overcooked.

The bun just made putting the burger in your face just difficult. Sometimes you make something a bit too fancy-pants and ruin it.

We are now spoiled rotten.

Mini Bonus Pickle!

Jo Bar & Rotisserie
701 NW 23rd Ave.
Portland, OR 97210

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Anonymous said...

I've eaten many items off the Jo Bar menu over the years, and only recently tried the burger. Perhaps I have unrealistic expectations or don't appreciate the Jo Bar interpretation of gourmet, but I found the square buns to be cumbersome and doughy. The seasoning lacked originality and the fries were a little overdone. Overall I'd say the burger was good, but not great.