Friday, January 25, 2008

Sinnott's Lil' Cooperstown


Listen up. That there is a peanut butter burger. The "XXX Burger" comes with chunky peanut butter, bacon and cheddar only!. $6.50 with fries. Being the first peanut butter burger I have ever had I didn't know what a treat I was in for. The peanut butter turns nice and drippy to make a perfect replacement for any condiments. Of course this is predicated that you like peanut butter.

They also have a grilled pepperoni and swiss burger, and the usual combinations.

Happy hour 1/3 pounders for $3.25 from 9pm to close everyday, and from 4pm to close on Monday's.

Bonus Pickle!

Sinnott's Lil' Cooperstown
5851 NE Halsey St.
Portland, OR 97213


Anonymous said...

The Jiffy Burger (Peanut butter Burger) is one of the best bergers ever. I am glad to hear that Portland finally has a place that sells one. To make this berger better they need to use Bacon as well.

Sinnotts said...

Thanks! Come again!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tony,
Food is good and the young lady that waited on me is super!!