Monday, February 11, 2008

Twilight Cafe - UPDATE

UPDATE: 2.11.08

Pickles & Ammo gets a quick update:

I had the "Twilight Texan Burger". It had the normal fixing, BBQ sauce, bacon, and an onion ring. Quite a score for $6.25. It even came with tots.



CondimentSpreader returns from a slumber to find that other Twilight:

Cool, old diner-style spot that serves up Bloody Mary's and benedicts all day. Also moonlights as a rock venue. Cheap beers, good service.

I had the Barbeque burg, with onion rings, cheddar and bbq sauce. It was swimming in sauce, and I'm pretty sure it was KC Masterpiece or some other bargain bin find. Not a horrible experience, but not one to repeat.

My associate kept it simple with a standard cheeseburger with bleu. She liked it, though not impressed. The tatertots, which will accompany any sandwich if you like, were exceptional however.

Bonus Pickle!

Twilight Cafe
1420 SE Powell Blvd.
Portland, OR 97202


Anonymous said...

Is Pickels 'N Ammo on an all burger and beer diet?

burgermeister said...

technically it's an all burger and whiskey diet. but close.