Monday, February 4, 2008


Whataburger! (aka Lelo In Nopo) takes us North:

The rumors of the brunch at Roux are true: super delightful, non-pretentious and decadent at the same time, but this post is about The Roux Burger.

Described as a ground cascade natural sirloin, with a fresh garlic and red pepper ailoi, topped with grilled housemade tasso (we asked: it's bacon) and cajun spiced fries. This is a wonderful burger. Not sure of the weight, it's a biggy, but the pretty and perfect bun holds the tasty package together while you delight in the goodness it contains. (Did I really just write that?) While others ordered benedicts or quiche, this burger is a great option on a brunch menu. The fries were zingy, the burger hefty. Ooh la la. Thumbs up Roux Burger, thumbs up.

The Roux Burger, $12, and cheddar $1, substitute greens $1.50

1700 N. Killingsworth St.
Portland, OR 97217

Dinner 7 nights a week: 5-10
Sunday brunch: 10am-2pm


vj said...

That's a mighty tasty looking burger there, Ms Whataburger!

eli said...

This isn't germane to a burger blog, but their pork chop breakfast is pretty amazing. Throw in a couple of mimosas and kiss your afternoon goodbye.

Rozanne said...

That does sound and look very good! I need to return to Roux soon! We were so close to it today, too.

alexsandras said...

Try Roux's burger this summer. Now it has a delicious fried green tomato to boot!