Monday, February 18, 2008

Widmer Gasthaus

Looks like some new burglers "CrumbBandit" and "QuesoGrande" got the Deutsch-bag meal deal:

Good News; The server sold us the requested regular cheeseburger (minus the Bourbon-Bock sauce) for the daily special price of 5 bucks. Otherwise the "cheeseburger" would have been $7.95. And, a pint of IPA was 2 bucks. That's a good deal. The bun was toasted perfectly and provided a nice textural contrast.

Bad News: The half pound burger cannot be served other than a tasteless, dry and grey medium well. Unless you would dare go well done. It reminded us of a burger from Carl's Jr. except that the fast food place remembers to season the beef (at least it comes that way frozen from the processor). No fries available, only a green salad or a very poorly prepared potato salad that was dressed with what seemed like warm water.

Extra Good News: Bonus Pickle!

Widmer Gasthaus
929 N. Russell St.
Portland, OR 97227

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