Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christopher's Gourmet Grill

UPDATE: 12/14/2008

BurgerMeister is on a burger rampage:

Bacon, cheese, mmmmmmmmm.


UPDATE: 6/6/08

The Grill Master gets some:

I know that people have taken pics of this place before, but i don't know if they took pics of the bacon cheese burger, so here are some!

Right now this is my favorite burger in town (the veggie burger with bacon at the Laurelthirst tavern comes in a close second, though). Reasonalbly sized patty, shredded lettuce, nice chunks of tomato, good sauces, and they get the bacon just right. Not too chewy and not burnt. Normally i don't like the steak cut fries, but they season these guys just right!

The only weird thing about today's trip there was the music. Normally they are playing R&B but today they played a recording of some dude covering "more than words" by Extreme. Sucks to be that person! Another thing that changed is that they now have a burger basket deal, where you can get a 20oz soda and fries for a little bit more. Not sure why they needed that as the prices were already good ($4.50 for a bacon cheeseburger,) but I'm not complaining!



This place has got some great burger deals. That burger up there is the "Louisiana Cheese Burger" with a delicious spicy hot link topper along the usual suspects. With fries its $5.50.

They also have chicken burgers, fish burgers, and the "Man Up Cheese Burger" (bacon, egg, double cheese, and a hot link).

Christopher's Gourmet Grill
3962 NE MLK Blvd.
Portland, OR 97212


Unknown said...

Stopped by last week for a Phillie and Lord, that was I think the best Cheese steak that I have had outside the Philadelphia area. I found that the environment was great and the staff very attentive. Due to the experience, I HAD to take my girlfriend. Missed seeing Arron, from Weds night, but the food was just as good.

Doc Hack said...
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Doc Hack said...

I live down the street from this place, and I have to say it's fantastic. Not only is it local (for me), but the burgers are delicious! Also, the staff is very friendly, and the prices are exceptional.