Thursday, March 20, 2008


Bacon Cheeseburger

Nacho Burger

French Dip Burger (Brawndo for illustrative purposes only)

The Filler

The Western

AmericanCheese (went twice), Hamburgler, and Pickles N Ammo just had to take a road trip to the land where the cars are taller then the signs, Lake Oswego:

They have some fantasy burgers here. They are priced well and the place is everything you could ask a burger joint to be.

That first one is your basic bacon cheeseburger.

The second the "Nacho Burger" with that delicious ballpark nacho cheese, yes nacho cheese (probably works like Burgermeisters theory that getting your face messy just aids in the lubrication to shove the food in your mouth).

Then there is the "French Dip" burger. It was a crowd pleaser (Brawndo: The Thrist Mutilator is not's from Pickles N Ammo's private reserves of novelty beverages).

Pickles N Ammo dove right in on "The Filler", and that was the last thing he ate. Bacon, cheese, ham, two patty's, egg, condiments, and vegetables. Yes that yellow stuff on that bun is an egg yolk explosion. It takes special skills to be able to eat a thing of that magnitude.

The Western is great if you like BBQ sauce, and we sure do.

Giant Drive In
15840 Boones Ferry Rd.
Lake Oswego, OR 97035

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Anonymous said...

Wooow, epic post right there! Sounds like some good eatin'