Thursday, March 6, 2008

Morrison Hotel

Now with hamburgers. GrillMarks gets the waistline:

The Morrison Hotel is suppose to have a new menu to go with one of the best bottle beer lists in Portland so we ponied up to the bar to check it out. Focus seems to be on Med inspired food. Looks fairly decent, my co consistories had a chicken skewers and a Greek salad respectively. Both were reported to be good although I was not cut into a share cause they are greedy types.

Since this is Portland Hamburgers I was focused on the the MoHo burger which is $7.50 and for $1.5 more you can get brie and sauted mushrooms. I opted for the plain burger which was nice, well seasoned, and meaty. Good toasted bun and decent produce, over all a very solid burger. Options for sides were a salad or fries. My choice was for deep fried goodness and I ended up with quite a heap of fries which were respectable but not mind blowing.

As we were taught in high school English now is the part were I say, "In Summary ... the primary reason to go to the Morrison Hotel is still for a its long and well put together beer list. The food is by no means and after thought and I would have no problem ordering this burger again but I would not travel out of my way to reintroduce this burger to my stomach."

Morrison Hotel
719 SE Morrison St.
Portland, OR 97214


Anonymous said...

It may not be a hamburger destination, but try the lamb sometime! A generous pile of moist, succulent lamb on a housemade flatbread is well worth the trip to the Morrison.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Grillmarks, your English teacher would have a cow over your typos and grammar!

Ernest Moretti said...

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