Sunday, March 2, 2008

Vita Cafe

Hamburgler and DoubleCheese report:

Ughh. Guess it serves us right for ordering a burger here. Sorry, but can't find anything good to say. Burned beyond well-done hockey-pucks, dry as a bone and super thin (if these weren't frozen Win-Co burgers they did a good job of emulating them). Not sure what the theory is here on serving these things. Should have went with the veggieburger. Pretty much summed up DoubleCheese's thoughts.

Hamburgler just put it down as par for course (desensitized at this point). Kinda hoping for Scremadelica, but got Soup Dragons instead (would go for dog's balls/cat's arse, but always confuse which one means good, and which one means bad).

$21.50 for two burgers, two fries, and one beer. Shackled!


Goldie Davich said...

Vita burgers are gross. I am totally down with your tastes.

Anonymous said...


Alberta Street sucks. People there should take a bath. And the others should stop showing off their new baby.

David R. Jones said...
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David R. Jones said...

I thought Vita Cafe was vegetarian? I guess not.

That thing looks like the All-American Fatburger. Happy Health! ;)

Unknown said...

for the record:

soup dragons'
album > Primal Scream's

brett said...

Yeah, one ordering a burger in a predominately veggie/vegan restaurant shouldn't expect much. I do like their food though.

Anonymous said...

What? Cut battle on. If Lovegod was better then Scemadelica I will listen to handbag house for a year. :)

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

I wonder if they did that on purpose (no offense) since they're so veggie friendly!

Anonymous said...

i think that place is just not good. they spend too much time talking about how to show how sustainable and environmentally friendly they are on their menu and not enough time focusing on the food that's on their menu. not that i have anything at all against being sustainable and environmentally friendly, it just seems that is all vita cafe has going for it.
that said, their happy hour drink specials are pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure "eric" has no idea what he's talking about.

Primal Scream in 2030 while riding around in a Rascal>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>> Soup Dragons

Unknown said...

i'm just saying that as far as albums go, lovegod was better.

primal scream was a better band by leaps and bounds...but it doesn't mean they didn't shit the bed on that album.