Sunday, March 30, 2008


GrillMarks keeps it cookin':

My own personal pdx burger tour took me to Yur's. One of those portland booze landmarks that my parents could have drank in back in the day, yet somehow I had never been. Also suppose to be a cabbie bar thanks to the good old Radio Cab HQ down the street. I understand that Joe's Cellar is actually the cabbie hang out but this place is not too be missed. Misrepresented as a dive bar by the masses but really more of a good solid local than a dive bar. You may argue with me but I don't get the feeling that 50 plus percent of the crowd is there every night drinking them selves into the next life as one sees in a proper dive bar. Lots of regulars sure but they all look like they got them selves a life outside those walls. Place was friendly, decent tap selection, and if my companions mixed drink was any indications they pour stiff drinks. I get the impression they are also not the kind of place to cut one off after you had one or five too many.

On to the burger:
They have your normal selection (with or with out cheese, with bacon, with a fried egg) and are in the 1/3 range. Sides are fries, tots, or the soup of the day. They also sell all their burgers in 1/2 pound monster sizes and have one with blue cheese. I wussed out and asked for a normal size blue cheese burger with tots. Everything was pretty good. Tasted like most of the products came from sysco but the burger was juicy and the blue cheese was a nice touch. Solidly in top range for must bar burgers.

Bonus: If you get super trashed a cab ride is but a few moments away ....

717 NW 16th Ave.
Portland, OR 97209

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