Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fulton Pub

ProgressiveBurger visits our local real estate developers (when does the new one open downtown again?) built from fleece and sandals:

For years I complained that there was no vegetarian burger option for happy hour. Every Friday I became more and more distraught. I had to pay $6.75 for a Boca or Gardenburger while my workmates paid $3.50 for a happy hour meat slab o a bun. Last January my years of weekly outrage and complaints paid off, they added the Boca or Gardenburger option to the happy hour menu! And at $3.90 it was a bargain. Comes with the standard greasy Micminimal's fries and order it without the "secret sauce" and a vegan option is born.

Fulton Pub & Brewery
618 SW Nebraska St.
Portland, OR 97239


Frisky said...

i was told recently that mcmenamins locations will no longer carry gardenburgers due to sourcing issues. since bocas are vegan, that's probably what you got?

the garden dungeon was always my fallback.

Anonymous said...

Spending happy hours at McMenamins? Yikes.