Friday, January 16, 2009

Arctic Circle

HambahgaStakee and FrySauce find an Arctic Circle (thought they disappeared along with A&W)....anyway, they have a cool font, goop, and always with the crispy photos:

I was talked into driving way the hell out to Gresham to pick up my good friend Fry Sauce. She was telling me about a place called, Arctic Circle. She rambled on about this special Fry Sauce (hence the name) that was some sort of mixture of ketchup, mayo and maybe mustard. A free meal can take me almost anywhere, so off I went.

It is your typical fast food restaurant, but the Black Angus Beef along with the Fry Sauce does have some panache that sets them apart a bit. I got the Double Cheeseburger combo that came with fries and a drink. Basic cheese, lettuce, pickles and another type of sauce accompanied the burger. Really, not bad... The golden brown fries were nice and crisp and took to the Fry Sauce very well. For a $3.99 meal, I was quite happy with what I had.

We were both asked if we wanted a complimentary ice cream cone, which rounded off our lunch experience very nicely. Whenever I'm way the hell out at 161st and SE Division, I'll be sure to stop by again...

Arctic Circle
16101 SE Division St.
Portland, OR 97236


Anonymous said...

My dad bought me my first hamburger at Arctic Circle. It was 1964... I was 4 years old and the price was in neon on the sign: 9 cents. I ate two that day.

Anonymous said...

I love Arctic Circle... not because the burgers are great (they're fast food quality)... but because of the nostalgia -- and the fry sauce. (^_^) I've been enjoying Arctic Circle since the 1960s.

I live on the westside but if I happen to be anywhere near Gresham, I'll find an excuse to swing by the Arctic Circle.

Anonymous said...

There's another Arctic Circle on the way to Mt. Angel...and one in Salem!

1415 Capitol Street, N.E.
Salem, OR 97303

315 North Pacific Highway
Woodburn, OR 97071

the website says there are more than that been I've been to the one in Woodburn...haven't hit up the on in Salem, I guess I'll have to now ;)

charles said...

161st is too far out there? Pshaw! Damn downtown people can never be assed to venture out of there hip little holes.

If you're up for a little more of a trip, cruise on down Powell, all the way through Gresham to highway 26, where you'll find an Ashley's A&W, a proper drive-in in Boring. No one can resist their cheese curds.

Doodman VonBrohan said...

Holy Sh*t! You found the Fry Sauce!!! I thought it was gone forever. Im going there with an empty SIGG!