Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How to Participate

Its really easy.

1. Go to a place that serves hamburgers.
2. Snap a photo of said hamburger.
3. Write a little (or a lot if you want) about the burger. Price, toppings, location, ect.
4. Come up with a hamburger related alias.
5. Send pics and words to:

It's that simple. We will gladly link to whatever you would want for taking the time, or keep your id unknown if you like.

What if I'm not in Portland Oregon?

Well, I guess we will just have to pretend that the delicious hamburger you just ate is in Portland. Yep we will post that up to, especially if its a Hamburguesa.

What if I'm a vegan/vegetarian/just don't like beef person?

If its in burger form you should take that pic and send it in already.

1 comment:

Julian Chadwick said...

I haven't seen anything better than this in PDX in a while! I hate you for making me drool on a daily basis, and love you for it as well.

Julian Chadwick