Wednesday, August 29, 2007

International Edition: Japan - Standard Burger


From time to time I think we will be writing up about burgers of interest outside of Portland. Everyone likes to travel right? If you have any pics of far off burgers let us know. Thanks.

Portland burger establishments take note.

Standard Deli in Japan

Couldn't tell you much about these burgers because all the info is in Japanese, but for the love of god look at these beauties. If you have any pics or know anything about them, even eaten there...please let us know. Sure would love a ticket to go see them in the wild as well.

Not sure about this first one. Looks like some kind of Italian theme with basil, tomato sauce, eggplant, and god knows what else.

And what could the second one be? Is that a butter burger with peanuts, or just mayo.

That last one is called the "American Healthy". Looks like some salad mix, a tomato, and a sneaky onion ring.....or could it be polenta (next level).

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