Saturday, September 22, 2007

International: Netherlands

Portland Hamburgler Khris Soden aka "I can't think of a good hamburger alias" (get it together already!) keeps showing us why Americans basically run the burger world.

Are we missing out on some secret, and stuck in European tourist burgerland? What gives? As a representative of Mostlandia I would think of better accommodations, but no. Check out Mostlandia's thing at PICA last year.

Anyhow. The diplomat has this report:

This "hamburger"came from a snack shop called "Lucky Hills". Snack shops are one step up from automats, but are still lower than eetcafes, which are of less quality than restaurants. This is a broodje hamburger kaas - a long way of saying cheeseburger.

Anyway, I couldn't really get a shot of the pattie itself, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. The stuff on top of the burger is chopped onions (you get these unless you ask not to have them - I like onions, so that works out), and a more than generous squirt of mayonnaise, and another big squirt of barbecue sauce. I'm not sure what the Dutch call it, but it's barbecue sauce. This is in place of ketchup and mustard, which you will not receive, or even find as an option. Surprisingly, the bun of this burger was really tasty. The rest of it tasted how it looks, although I have to admit that the burger portion looked and tasted more like a burger than the one from the automat. I've included a picture of my alter ego, the Diplomat Monsieur Einrich Elkhart, tasting the burger. I think that his expression might say it all.

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