Friday, September 21, 2007

International: Hong Kong/Japan - Rice Burgers

I don't think any Portland Hamburgler would be caught eating at McDonalds, but what about McDonalds in Japan Hong Kong? A whole new palette of flavor crystals modified for your tasting pleasure sounds kind of interesting. Then someone in a boardmeeting earns their promotion by spurting out.....wait.....I got about buns made of rice.

Then we have MOS Burger. Can't read Japanese, thats ok, me either. A Hamburger Today has some info for us in English.

These look a bit more appealing. That top one is vegetarian with seasoned bamboo shoots, carrots, and nori. That one on the bottom is Unagi. Yum!

Photos by: Wintersweet, Inju, and Allen Reyes with CC license.


Manny said...

yeah i heard these have to be "hoovered" (eaten rearry fast) they fall apart after a little bit

Marina said...

yeah, and they're best eaten with your fingers, like sushi!

ladycakes said...

Are they like musubi?