Thursday, September 20, 2007

International: Tilburg Train Station

Portland Hamburgler Khris Soden aka "I can't think of a good hamburger themed alias" (its getting old) returns from the Netherlands with this gem.

So this was called a hamburger, and it came out of this Automat. I got it in the Tilburg Train Station. It had some sort of special sauce and chopped onions on the top, and beneath the burger were a couple of pickles and a tomato. The thing is, the burger itself was not a hamburger, or at least, not what we in Portland would refer to as a hamburger. It was kind of like some sort of ground meat of unknown origin, then it was boiled, and then deep-fried. I confirmed with my friend Frank who lives here that, yes, this is the process of making these things. He had no idea whether it was beef or not either. It wasn´t the worst thing that I´ve ever eaten, especially since I was really hungry at the time, but it certainly wasn´t a hamburger.

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