Monday, October 15, 2007

Art: Black Metal Fast Food Fight!

This just goes to show that burgers can bring everyone together (and where is the Portland metal/burger scene these days anyhow?)

Last weekend in Baltimore at the Lo-Fi Social Club there was a 2 day art show of tattoo artists, comic book illustrators, photographers, painters, and assorted other media, all coming together for some Black Metal [Wikipedia link] theme action known as Black Metal Fast Food Fight! aka BMFFF!. Oh, and of course about 40 bands, and a wrestler named "The Hamburglaress".

The City Paper (Baltimores weekly) had this to say:

...What began as a quirky idea of having black-metal clad wrestlers tumble through Happy Meals has become a focal point for a discussion of ugly American excess...

...Fast food's undeniable grotesqueness and black metal's ghoulishness give new absurd qualities to terror....

Photos from Joshsisk (all rights reserved), RoxyToxic (all rights reserved), Portrait of Dave Thomas by Alex Fine (all rights reserved), Black Metal Wendy by Defekto (all rights reserved).

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