Monday, October 15, 2007

Broadway Grill & Brewery

The Human Cyburger and D'Angus Beefheart hit the Broadway Grill & Brewery and cross the streams of grilled meats. (yeah we know the photos are a bit murky).

Human Cyburger had "The Jumbo Ultra Dogburger" that consisted of 1/3 pounder, grilled hot dog, egg, and cheese. Served with chips for $8.50.

D'Angus Beefheart stayed on task with the "Pub Patty Melt". 1/3 pounder, grilled onions, swiss, "pub made 1000 Island dressing" (getting fancy) on rye. $7.50 with chips.

Also, if you like a spicy sumthin' sumthin', you might want to try their chili-beer. Painful, yet delicious.

Broadway Grill & Brewrey
1700 NE Broadway St.
Portland, OR 97232

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