Thursday, October 4, 2007

Art: Hamburger Cakes

More like the culinary arts.

Hamburger cakes are actually popular. Just check out a Google image search and you'll see. Let us know if you come across any in the Portland area already.

This one is almost too perfect. It actually just might be a real hamburger disguised as a cake!

Mark Allen found this thing out in the wild:

At our giganternormousmegacropolisupermarket out here in “the hills,” Jim and I recently ran across a stellar display in the bakery department; tables covered with about 50 identical and freshly baked “hamburger cakes.” Each was sealed in its own clear plastic cake cover, and they were on sale for $6 a pop

Photos by Bunch of Pants, Wistine, Geek2Nurse with CC license.


Special Sauce said...

I've seen burger cakes at Fred Meyer before. It's been a while but they probably still make them.

Anonymous said...

yeah i was gonna say fred meyer too!