Thursday, October 18, 2007

Burger Tour: ERS-ONE / Magneto (Mexico)

The BurgerBlogger wrapped up the last part of his tour in Mexico and did find some Hamburguesa action while there.

Here's a couple photos from my last tour in Mexico. I went to Mexico CIty, Guanajuato and San Luis Potosi, all in 4 days. Needless to say taking time to enjoy a Hamburguesa was out the question.

For the most part they are push carts or hitch trailers on the streets. There is a chain of hamburguesas that sets up a small shack that locks up. They set up in parques and not super busy intersections. (if i lived there i'd ask for one outside my door)

The one time i did have time to order a hamburguesa the place was out. But, it was at a place called Arachera House, and the hamburguesa had the choice of Pineapple and or chorizo on top of the queso and hamburguesa.

Since we could only eat in a hurry and at odd hours we ended up eating alot of the local drunk eateries at like 4am. I choose to have the local specialties. Above are Enchiladas Mineras, a specialty to Guanajuato Mexico.

Mexico City has tons of different things, but I had a "pambazo". It's a fried spicy bread with chirizo, potatoes filling, cheese, lettuce, and sour cream if you want. I went for broke.

If you plan to travel to Mexico on a food trip take a long term anti acid pill of your choice a half hour before eating, it coats your belly and the stomach acid kills the badness the food may have before it reaches your system. It works. Been touring in Mexico since 2001 and I swear by it..... Well, I also drink alot of tequila every time possible, that also kills the food bugs.


Alejandra Garcia said...

The best burger in Mexico is from this one tiny little town about an hour outside of Monterey (in Nuevo Leon). Best burger ever, but I still crack up at the fact that they put a thin slice of deli ham on the burger.

Manny said...

i lohv tequila, it's my social lubricant