Friday, January 11, 2008

California: Lucky's (Santa Barbara)

BurgerBlogger was in town for a moment with accomplice HamburgerSlayer, only to escape to more hospitable environments:

The Super Lucky Burger

So the end of the Locash Bash Tour was the night we played in Portland and Tuesday morning at 6am Dj Mayday (aka Hamburgerslayer) was to fly back to Montreal.

What better way to celebrate the success of the tour then with a Filet Mignon hamburger at a place that's special. Since Apple Bee's wasn't around I decided to take us to Lucky's, a steak house in Montecito Ca. I was told about the $20 hamburger and decided to get it. It was delicious specially with the Roquefort cheese and the homemade Mayo on top of the medium rare Filet Mignon burger. PLUS Firestone Santa Barbara Ale to down it with.

HamburgerSlayer had the Goat cheese salad and we shared a delicious onion soup, it's all coming back now....... i had a few too many Makers Marks as appetizers.

We ended the meal with some Crème brûlée and a snifter of Courvoisier X.O., when in rome.

I recommend it!

1279 Coast Village Rd
Montecito, CA 93108


Manny said...
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Manny said...
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Manny said...

hi this is BurgerBlogger aka Dj Magneto. And i'm from portland oregon. and when i'm not reading about delicious hamburgers or heading west on S.E. Stark St you can find me outside Oregon representing the style.
and while i'm up in here i wanna big up Dj Mayday and all the fans of the good things in life (like Good companions, hamburgers, oatmeal, shoes, st, music and getting faded)