Thursday, January 10, 2008

NW Burger

Looks like Hamburgler got tired of eating in bars:

If Old Town is as sketchy as Portland gets I'm not entertaining anymore media reports about it. Give me a break.

This place must have just opened considering the banners. It's a clean, bare-bones, burger joint (they have a hot dog too). Hamburger, Cheeseburger, or Western Burger (onion ring, bacon, BBQ sauce). Starts at $4.50 and up to $5.25 for the Western. Combo deal for $7.25.

It's a full size grilled patty. Does the trick if you are hungry and trolling around for scrap metal accomplices. Non-memorable, but not bad. Nothing to go out of your way for.

NW Burger

corner of NW Couch and 2nd
Portland, OR

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Anonymous said...

The burgers here are simple and delicious, I recommend NW Burger to my friends, PLUS they are open LATE NIGHT until 4am for all the drunkards that have no where to eat after the bars have closed and need to sober up.