Monday, March 3, 2008

Maine: Silly's (Portland)

Just to make things confusing SideO'Fries keeps us up on Portland East (if you read the NY Times you know Portland is ready to franchise our cities name and open them up all over the country).

Greetings from the other Portland! Silly's is one of the town's funkier establishments and they were standing room only this Sunday afternoon.

This single burger ($5.75) is a 1/3 lb served here with avocado sauce ($2 extra) and sweet potato fries ($1 extra). They also do veggie burgers and double or triple patties and will top them with bacon, chili, cole slaw, or various cheeses. Came with lettuce, mild white onions, pickle slices, but no tomato. That's sweet mustard sauce for dipping the sweet potato fries, which were big and thick, and much better than the regular fries someone else ordered. Highly recommended when visiting this coast.

Oh, they also have a huge variety of milkshake flavors, like avocado, coconut curry, jalapenos, tahini, or Tang. However, we were pretty unimpressed with the plain chocolate and mocha shakes we tried. Next time maybe we'll have to go for something more exotic.

40 Washington Avenue
Portland, Maine 04101
(207) 772-0360

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