Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nevada: In N' Out (Las Vegas)

SpecialSauce keeps us asking why there isn't one here:

We all got Double Doubles, two patties with cheese and animal style, of course. For $5.39 our burgers came with fries and a medium drink.


UPDATE: 4/19/08

Sarah X Dylan from the fantastic Rick Emerson Show makes the appropriate choice in Las Vegas. Magic Missile!



Hamburgler and Pickles&Ammo sneak away from work with one of them kids from North Portland's classy drinkin' spot the Florida Room (did you know one just opened in Miami Beach as well?) to put down some quickies:

Normally shy away from the fast food, but vacation diets permit such extravagance (and everyone telling us we had to go there) and the mythical lore of the lords message drawing us in (there are Christian messages on some of the packaging apparently).

All were pleased with this. Pickles&Ammo was befuddled since he has never eaten anything but the Double Double Animal style that there were single patty burgers at the table. The production line in this place is awe inspiring. It puts JIT inventory babble and homemade GTD moleskines to shame all with only one register.

As far as fast food burgers In N' Out lives up to the reputation. It's dirt cheap, tasty, and makes you feel funny to order from the secret menu.

Yep, those fries are done up "Animal Style".

In N' Out
4888 Dean Martin Dr.
Las Vegas, NV 89103


Salem Man said...

Give me a double double now!

bertelle said...

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berto said...

Nice blog. Thats all.

The Hamzinger said...

I understand franchising won't let a store to open "too far away." Not sure what that means but here's the secret ordering menu:

Jillybombs said...

We are getting IN and OUT in the Pacific NW in 2009. I've heard this numerous times and I think it's on their website.

Give me a 4x4 and some fries Animal Style NOW.