Friday, March 7, 2008

University Grill


I noticed the University Grill finally opened so I stopped in for lunch. Pictured is the Bacon Cheeseburger. Comes with the usual stuff on a usual bun for $5.75. Fries set you back another $1.50. I ordered medium rare, but the patty is so thin there's no way it could come cooked to order. Really nothing wrong with the burger, but you'd think since they have "Burgers" on their sign, they'd set themselves apart somehow. No such luck. It was just a commercial burger with Tillamook cheese... pretty much the same thing you can get at Burgerville (but if they're using Country Natural Beef, they're keeping it a secret). The bartender/waitress was friendly. With one beer and tip I got out for $14.00, which seems like a lot... I'm still hungry. (It was served on a really small plate to make it seem like a full meal.) In my humble opinion, anyone opening a restaurant in North Portland should go to Pause for a burger and see how it should be done.

University Grill
6300 N. Lombard
Portland OR 97203
(503) 841-6802


LeLo in NoPo said...

That sign is so honkin' huge: you'd think they'd size up the burgers to at least be in proportion to the sign!

Anonymous said...

Well I like the burgers--
1. Reasonable size for a reasonable waistline.
2. About 10 variations to choose from (County Fair one is my fave).
3. Lovely homemade potato chips come with (the only place I don't get fries instead.)
4. Highest price is about $5.75 for a couple of them.
We can easily get out for less than $20 with soft drinks and tip.

Their seafood is delicately prepared to perfection. Try the oysters or clam strips. Never ever had clam strips that big and tasty. If you are lucky you might find the Oysters and 3 egg breakfast special for $7.95 when you walk in. Yummmers!

Definately not a pretentious place, but pleasant, and you can get a really decent meal without taking out a loan.

Anonymous said...

I ordered the bacon cheese burger for carry out along with my order of fries (about six fries for $1.50) and the cashier said she didnt have my correct change (She kept it for herself) The Food was good but not a good first impression.