Friday, July 11, 2008

Washington: Anthony's (Sea-Tac)

XLR8R picked up BurgerBlogger's mix-tape thingy (what do you call it these days) and puts a burger in RAW's face:

Party-rocker, super-dj, and new daddy R.A.W aka 6BLOCC and I headed to Portland from LA to rock out the Goodfoot's 4th of July bash. On Saturday we DJ'ed at the release party of his new CD on Portland's own LoDubs record label at Various PDX then we had lunch at Seattle airport restaurant Anthonys, a seafood joint.

RAW: This burger surprised me with its soft texture and juicy beef that practically melted in my mouth. The bun was fresh and the fries were perfectly cut for those big swipes of ketchup.

I washed this scrumdiliumcious burger plate down with a Margarita on the rocks. I give this morning meal a 9/10 only because I didn't have any mustard to mix with my ketchup, other than that.....this burger is the bees knees! SeaTac baybayyy!!

Bonus Pickle!

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