Monday, July 7, 2008

Burger Tour: Chicago/Detroit with ERS-1

BurgerBlogger did a little stint through Chicago, Detroit, Seattle, and Portland in route to Santa Barbara

Herein we follow the demise of his colon....nice too see booty beats are still alive in Detroit:

My crew SES had me up in Chicago to cause mayhem at the local hotdog stands and drink some Oldstyles till the break of dawn (literally, bars close at 4AM, burgers at 5:30am get to the eat them at 6:00 at home and enjoy one last Oldstyle)

That's a burger sticker in Wickerpark

This here burger was the healthiest burger I've had yet, a bit on the sweet side as the bun combined with the sweet onions made for a super sweet combo. I added some of the salad dressing and gave it that right amount of savory tangyness to the mix.

I had breakfast and lunch/dinner at that place. made it my office for 8 hours and worked. The oatmeal was good too. At Ear Wax

Below is Under dog Polish in Wicker Park. Summer colors. Insanely good, especially at midnight right before the dj set.

That's the homey that made the delish polish dog at Under dog.

The next night dj'ed, got the the place and my my crew Dj Abducted and his girl Julie got the urge for some tacos (can't have burgers all the time, specially in Chicago).

And, it just so happens that we found a place open at 6am, so i had the Enchiladas Poblanas, and since Chicago has the second biggest Mexican population in the US and A, was super good. Mole sauce was just like the mole sauce in Puebla. Serious ting...not just the Oldstyle speaking.

Hardees at a truck stop near Kalamazoo.

After the Chicago madness we headed to DJ a couple jams in Detroit memorial day weekend.

Detroit pub burger, good standard burger. The fries where nicely spiced, the waitress wanted to come party with us as that was the vibe in Detroit, the Detroit Electronic Music Festival was going on and the Redwings won the cup.

Earwax Cafe
1561 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60622-2009
Phone: (773) 772-4019

Detroit Pub
1326 Brush St
Detroit, MI

Underdog Hotdogs and more
1570 N Damen Ave
(between Milwaukee Ave & North Ave)
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 384-4030

I was too faded to remember the mexican restaurant

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