Sunday, December 14, 2008

Burger Tour: Mexico

Looks like BurgerBlogger and BurgerHoover had a little tour in Mexico again:

Burgerhoover and I went on a DJ/Photography tour to Mexico covering: Mexico City, Puebla, Tepozotlan, Playa Del Carmen, Tulum and Puerto Morelos, the hamburguesa's were plentiful and but so were the local fave eats... So we took some photos of these here culinary goods.

(Photo 1) This is a Hambuguesa from a restaurant on 5th avenue in Playa Del Carmen (near Cancun) The burger was good, specially after the gig we did, the pattie was made as if it was an "Albondiga" real tender and with rice in the mix.

(Photo 2) This Hamburguesa was ordered at "Mamitas beach club" in Playa Del Carmen, it was fastfood good, but the service was not so good.

(Photo 5) We also hit up a place called El BURGER KING a culinary chain of Hamburguesas from the E.E.U.U. (U.S.A.), this here cubist interpretation of an EL Whopper is from a restaurante in downtown Mexico city

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Andy said...

You are brave person to eat Hamburgers in all these locations. I ate one in Colombia that I could see being cooked, and made a mistake of eating on in Estonia. I was laughing, the boiled the hamburger in Estonia, I thought I was safe because the country was so clean. Hamburgers are culturally different in various countries. Thanks from Andy in in Guatemala Travel Blog and Hotels