Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Burger Skills: Hamburgers VS Newspapers

Oh my. We got top billing from the Oregonian newspaper today, right on the front page of the food section. And we were wondering why there was an influx of email today. You can find it online here as well:
Oregonian FoodDay: 100 Things We Love

The Portland hamburger blog: So many food blogs take themselves a tad too seriously, but this free-spirited blog, devoted to finding the city's best burgers and fries, is downright fun. From dive taverns to blue-chip restaurants, they seek out the patties that merit praise. One word of caution: There's lots of photography, so looking here will be absolute torture if you're hungry. Grant Butler


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Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to have found this place. My goal for the year (well, maybe the next couple of years) is to sample them all. Today will be the first adventure. Thanks for being here.

Human Cy-Burger said...

Yay!!! We're famous!

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