Friday, October 26, 2007

La Sirenita UPDATED

UPDATE: 10/26/2007

There is this company called "Schmap" that trolls Flickr for photos to use in their city guides. Well, long story short. They ended up using our hamburguesa picture for the review of La Sirenita. Sorry La Sirenita, you are now a burger shack!

Check it out: Schmap


Continued tour of Portland Mexican restaurant hamburgers.

I have to go back again. They ran out of buns for their flagship burger, so I went with just a cheeseburger. Fair priced thin patty (no wonder the counter fellow kept asking me if I wanted a double) with american cheese and the standard condiments. Does the trick at the dirt cheap price, plus the fries are steak fries.

La Sirenita
2817 Ne Alberta St
Portland, OR 97211

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