Sunday, October 28, 2007

North 45

More fresh burglers. WhopperChomper and ToastedBun enlighten us to enjoying Belgium beer with our favorite American pop culture icon.

I started Friday night with a hankerin for a burger, which brought me & ToastedBun to North 45. The menu is dominated by a wide variety of mussels and above average takes on traditional pub grub. Priced at $8, their one & only burger on the menu is a straight ahead solid effort served the correct way, with bacon & cheese (pepper bacon & aged cheddar) and a ciabatta roll.

As a travel pub, North 45 also makes serious business of pommes frites (that's fancy talk for french fries), and those come with the burger as well. The menu recommends an IPA with the burger, so I felt it a journalistic imperative to order one. The result is an entirely satisfying & nearly pornographic burger experience that outclasses close neighbor Blue Moon by a long shot.

Note - they've got an extensive collection of belgian trappist ales and even though they are fairly pricey at around $8 each, Toasted Bun loves to experiment and they're generally fantastic with the frites. The glass the beer is served in is so fancy, they make you give up your shoe as collateral.

North 45 Pub
517 NW 21st Ave
Portland OR 97209


KW said...

Yum...pornographic burger experience. Definetely worth checking out!

Anonymous said...

"The menu recommends an IPA with the burger, so I felt it a journalistic imperative to order one."

Top-notch ethical journalism indeed. I smell an award. You still have February to apply for this:

School of Journalism and Communication
Payne Awards for Ethics in Journalism
Deadline: Deadline for work published between January 1 and December 31, 2007 is February 25, 2008.

PS. I would take almost any beer over a Blue Moon. I don't understand why people like that beer...and pay those prices for it also. Confusing..

PPS: Great names...WhopperChomper and ToastedBun...classics

Anonymous said...

julian, I think he's referring to the McMeniman's Blue moon Pub, across-the-street-ish from North 45. Word, now I got another reason to check this place out.