Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Amnesia Brewing

This place was a crowd favorite. Portland Hamburglers "HoldEverything", "SpecialSauce", "Hamburgler", and "Bun-dita" (your favorite pet food shop proprieter of Meat for Cats & Dogs) travel North to sample these brown biscuits.

Large natural ground beef, grilled out on the patio for viewing pleasure with the usual suspects and chips. It was nice to have a condiments bar as well. There was some talk of something called a "Hamwallet". Have to figure it out next time.

Beer Advocate seems to like the beer there as well.

Bonus Pickle!

Amnesia Brewing
832 N. Beech St.
Portland, OR 97227


Electrolatino said...
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Unknown said...

This has to be the most overpriced burger in town. $9? Meat, cold bun, tired lettuce, mustard and ketchup. $9? Always slow too; my last visit (well, watching the cook take out trash, wipe his hands repeatedly on his dirty jeans, handle buns, handle meat, handle buns again, wipe his hands on his jeans, clear tables .. you get the picture). For a dollar more I can get a Castagna burger.