Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Johnny B's

Established Portland diner that is more of a breakfast joint, but they have burgers on the menu so Portland Hamburglers "Pickles & Ammo" and "Hamburgler" were there.

A theory about covering the chair legs with tennis balls provides optimum comfort while sitting (just don't move the tables). Don't get us wrong. They are some of the nicest folks in town, and it's nice to see blue-collar hold outs in this soon to be re-developed area (please...oh please don't call it the "Diamond District").

"Pickles & Ammo" had this to say:

It is the nature of a Chili-Burger to be smothered in chili...just a little over-done...but I wouldn't cast it in a disparaging light.

It's a diner, so "fill-er-up" is what this is about and the "Johnny B's Hunger Cheese San" (not pictured) at $10.95 would put you in that one-meal-a-day diet. 1/2 pounder, on grilled sourdough, fried egg, grilled ham, bacon, and the usual suspects.

Cheeseburger (pictured with American Swiss) starts at $6.50.

Johnny B's
1212 SE Hawthorne
Portland, OR 97214

M-F: 6am-2pm
SAT: 7am-2pm

Breakfast all day (at least to 2pm)
Cash Only

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