Sunday, February 24, 2008

Virginia Cafe

UPDATE: 2/24/07

RareMediumRare (aka Dieselboi) checks in for the last days at the "old" location:

As many of you know, the Virginia Cafe will be closing its longtime location and moving two blocks west. With that move comes an end to an era. Before the move, I had to venture in for a final burger.

I'm no regular, but had enjoyed the food the Virginia had to offer in the past. When I saw the menu, my eyes immediately landed on the burger that for some would be referred to as the "end all be all" burger of a lifetime. Half pound burger with ham, bacon, an egg and all the assorted fixin's along with fries! Yep, the only thing missing was the kitchen sink. When it arrived, I dove in. I could barely get my mouth around the thing for the first bite, but managed and made that burger my bitch! And what a tasty burger it was. Everything, and I mean everything was perfectly tasty. I really hope they keep this on the menu at the new location.



Hamburgler and Pickles and Ammo check out this downtown Portland landmark for some burger action.

The building they are in is scheduled to be torn down fairly soon, but we have heard they found a new location close by.

Pretty good burger going on here with a whopping 1/2 pound patty. That first one is the "Cajan Jack Burger" with tots, and then an "Avacado Swiss Burger".

They also have a happy hour cheeseburgers everyday from 4pm to 7pm coming in at $4.00 (substitute a Gardenburger for an extra dollar).

Bonus Pickle!

Virginia Cafe
725 SW Park Ave
Portland, OR 97205
(503) 227-0033

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