Friday, February 22, 2008


RarePattie and the Hamburgler find some happy-hour treats:

Does the name of this place make you giggle too? Montezuma, Tarzan, Man-zany-crazy, Manzanita.....whatever, we are low-brow.

Same burger different decor, but this one has got some of those tiny burgers. Happy hour here (3:30/6:30 and 9:00/close Monday/Saturday) has some deals after the $2.50 drink requirement.

1/4 pounder (bit of a stretch) is $2.95 with fries, and the sliders go for $1.50 a pop. Got some greens for $1.95 Caesar as well.

1203 NW Glisan St.
Portland, OR 97209

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Anonymous said...

Giggle? Because Spanish is funny? No, not really.