Sunday, October 21, 2007

Cascade Locks Charburger

Whataburger! ( aka Lelo in Nopo ) takes a trip up the river for some sizzling burger action. She is going to get a pass as she learns the fine art of burgering photo skills as well.

I hope that the delectable charred taste of my charburger today, from Charburger in Cascade Locks, was the real deal and not out of a bottle. You know the taste I'm talkin' bout. Char.

We popped into Charburger today because the other half has never been. And as a native Oregonian, she really should be ashamed of herself for that.

Charburger offers up all kinds of options for your burgers. I opted for the special, $7.95, topped with pepper jack cheese and turkey bacon. The other half went for the cheddar burger. I should have gotten the cheddar burger cuz I couldn't bite through the bacon and the cheese had been cooked to the point of oil/cheese separation. But, the view is to die for at Charburger, and the setting is outta this world. A cafeteria style of the middle of the spacious dining room is a chuckwagon...

...Because mine was the special, it came served in the skillet pan. I loved that detail. The burger was pretty dry, but after a trip to the chuck wagon side table of help yourself hamburger accouterments, a little special sauce helped make everything much better. While the other half says she vows to never return, at least she can say she's gone.Char.

Unable to pass by the pie case without pulling a little somethin' somethin' out, here was the crem de la creme...I'm not sure which is better: the logo or the pie.

Stumptown Confidential has this to say as well as a couple more pics:
This is the way a damn burger joint should look! Kind of like the Doug Fir's older, less ironic brother that lives in the country.

Cascade Locks Charburger
745 Wanapa St.
Cascade Locks, OR

Menu photo from Ramparts54


Anonymous said...

Love the crinkle cut fries. It's an under-appreciated genre.

Anonymous said...

Thru-hikers LOVE Charburger.

Anonymous said...

Overrated burger. If you are in Cascade Locks, drive to the other end of town, and go to the East Wind drive-in. If you are lucky, the line outside will be short. There are a few stools at the counter inside. The burger reminds me of the original Yaw's; runs down your forearm.