Thursday, January 31, 2008


RareMediumRare didn't get to cruise the Matlock Expressway, but Portland does have a Matlock Burger:

Matlock's is one of those carts down in "the pod" off SW 4th Avenue. I had walked by too many times and last week with the cold, just needed a $3.75 1/3lb burger to walk with me.

The burger was pretty good. Freshly cooked with chedder, a toasted bun and pretty much anything you want on it. I didn't really get to ask for it Medium, but in the end, it tasted pretty juicy.

The cool part about the cart is the owner does all the dressing. There were about 5 other customers who came up and ordered and when it came to dress the dog or burger, the owner quizzed the customer. The best part was the condiments. He controlled them. In this day when colds are ubiquitous, I'm glad not everyone is grabbing at the mustard spoon.

For a cart burger, I give it a 3.5/5.

SW 4th
Portland, OR


David said...

Hey! I think the Portland Hamburger site is a great concept. What a mission! There's truly nothing like a great hamburger. As I scanned your list of Portland Burgers though, I noted that Burgerville wasn't listed. While I know they're a chain, I think they do a good job with their burgers and ingredients of integrity. I was jazzed when they added Kobos fairtrade coffee. Great alternative to Starbucks.

Anonymous said...

What's stopping you David? Join in!

And just so we're clear on our geography and terminology, I believe I recognize the building in the background here. If correct, this would place Matlock's on 5th between Oak and Stark, the proper nomenclature for which is "Heartburn Alley." As you were.