Friday, February 1, 2008

Linnton Family Cafe

PattyDaddy gets the drop on the our first Burger/Chinese joint:

Less than 2 miles west of the St. John's Bridge on Highway 30, the Linnton Family Cafe serves up a pretty decent burger.

I ordered the Bacon Cheese Burger ($5.75) and my photographer friend Erio had the Basic Cheese Burger ($4.95). Both featured a char-broiled, 1/3 pound hand-formed patty, american cheese, and ultra-soft sesame seed bun. Both were served with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and mayo on the side. Crinkle-cut fries included!

The produce was extremely fresh and flavorful: Crunchy lettuce, hearty tomato, nice white onion. The bun was lightly buttered and fried, and the fries were cooked perfectly. The ground beef seemed to be cooked well-done although the menu states they're cooked to medium unless otherwise specified. Next time I'll order it medium-rare.

Linnton Family Cafe
11324 NW Saint Helens Rd
Portland, OR 97231


Manolo said...

these are some serious photos

Anonymous said...

I drove by this place today and it appears to be closed and under remodel or demolition.

Big Matt said...

Sadly, it's now a Subway....