Thursday, January 17, 2008


Slipping or keeping up the pace? Whataburger! (aka Lelo In Nopo) returns from a busy week of inventing Post It Notes to find out:

Ooh la la. Whataburger! dined with the exquisite Cuisine Bonne Femme as part of a busy business lady lunch (please refer to Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion for explanation). As busy business ladies Whataburger! suggested Wildwood, and eh, it was nice. Cuisine Bonne Femme selected the burger, while I opted for fish and chips. We go to fancy restaurants and order burgers and fish'n'chips. That's just how we roll.

So back to the burger. It was pretty to look at. I didn't try it but I did sample the pickled onion on top and that kicked ass.

Here's what Cuisine Bonne Femme said about the burger:

Burger is on the pricer side: 12.00 plain or add $1.00 each for bacon or cheese. Cheese includes a blue cheese or a white cheddar the server described as "pretty sharp."

Burger itself is round and served on a substantial bun. Was cooked perfectly medium rare as requested. Comes dressed with a bit of a mayo and rustic mustard (big mustard seeds) sauce, shredded lettuce, and lots of picked onions.

The burger was itself was stacked high with the patty quite thick thick, and about 3" in diameter. It was more of a rough-chop than some burger meat. (Whataburger! loves dining with people who know and can use terms like rough-chop.)

The burger was also seasoned, perhaps a little too seasoned for some. I liked it just fine.

My only complaints were the price and the way the cheddar melted, or rather didn't melt very well instead kind of glopping up into a greasy mass and the the burger was expensive! Most other "fancy burger" places using similar meat like Clyde Common or Lovely Hula hands charge about $9.00, or $10.00 with cheese, even at dinner.

Other than that, service was good and the fries devine! Overall a B- for the burger, given the price.

1221 NW 21st Avenue
Portland, OR 97209

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