Friday, January 18, 2008


SpecialSauce and Hamburgler pick up two new recruits to begin the tour of Japanese restaurants that serve our favorite brown biscuits. If you know of any let us know already, or you could just join the fray here:

So its $12.00, but sometimes when you spend that extra couple of dollars its worth it.

That there is Kobe beef with greens, Chevre, and some fried up potatoes (forgot the name of the cut), it was delicious.

One of the new recruits had to exclaim how well Chevre accompanies the beef in such a perfect way. I would agree. Hard to figure out why it is that a sushi joint can make an actual medium rare burger when so many others fail. Top Shelf!

5411 NE 30th Ave.
Portland, OR 97211


Manolo said...

dope, i'm there.. see ya in two weeks.. looks delish

erat said...

So far, this is the best damn burger I've tasted since moving to Portland, and there are lots of really awesome burgers here.

Unknown said...

So yeah, Yakuza - just named top burger by Portland Monthly for the 2nd time in 3 years. Absolutely incredible - up there with Slow Bar... if you haven't been, G-O. Recently took an NYC friend to experience - when I asked how he like it, I got a "Ssshhh;" with eyes closed, he finished chewing and said "Best burger I ever had in my life." Nough said. Great blog.

Food Lovers said...

WOW! The sushi is good but my wife and i KEEP COMING BACK FOR THE BURGER! Its exceptional.