Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Pickles & Ammo and the Hamburgler go International:

Pickles & Ammo had that Lamb Burger (no relation to our own LambBurger) for about $8.00 (you can add Chevre for $1.00). He had some kind of non-sense statement about "it was to compliment the burger on its own, the lamb, the bun, no nothin', it was great". It also came with a little cup of pickled items.

They also have a great club sandwich with Gravlax, bacon, and avocado. Side of soup or salad.

Bonus Pickles Items!

2508 SE Clinton St.
Portland, OR 97255

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Anonymous said...

i cant begin to tell you what i found in my food. i've never been more disgusted in my life! please find somewhere better. do yourself a favor.