Thursday, February 14, 2008


RareMediumRare (aka Dieselboi) has got the fever:

Visited the Lotus today for a team lunch. I was going to order the Fish'n'Chips, but landed on the Bacon Cheeseburger instead. Shoulda had the Fish'n'Chips. I'm not saying the burger was bad, it was just OK.

Being a team lunch with 5 people, the order took longer than is should, yet the food was at least hot when it arrived. Lately I have been ordering salads to make up for all the burgers. You can have it come with fries. The burger itself was billed as a 1/3lb burger with cheddar and bacon. Seriously, it wasn't more than 1/4lb. I am not sure why restaurants advertise the size of the patty when in the end, it is either thick or thin. The Lotus burger was thin. If I can't tell whether it is medium rare or not, it is too thick a burger. It came on a thick white bun with lettuce and onion and tomato.

In the end, I liked the mixed green salad with balsamic vinaigrette much more than the burger. Everyone else seemed to love their burgers, so maybe I'm spoiled by the stellar burgers in this town. Oh and the wafting of cigarette smoke from the bar didn't help. Like they say elsewhere on the interwebs - your mileage may vary.

932 SW 3rd
Portland, OR 97209

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