Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jim Dandy

ExtraBacon gives us an update:

After driving by Jim Dandy so many times, my wife and I decided it was finally time to check it out.

She ordered The Works (2 patties, cheese, bacon, ham & egg). The patties were pre-formed and frozen, but they had a really good flavor. The onions were especially good, and tasted great with the egg. All in all, it was a good burger!

I ordered the P├ępe Dog... A foot long hot dog, wrapped in bacon, then covered with onion, pepperoncini, tomato, and grated cheddar cheese. I think the bacon-wrapped dog was deep fried. The outside had a good crispyness, and the quality of the dog itself was very good. The pepperoncinis added the perfect amount of spice. One of the best dogs that I've had (outside of my own kitchen)!

The decor inside Jim Dandy's is great. Lots of pictures of old Portland.

Definitely worth checking out!



AmericanCheese and CondimentSpreader don't do the gourmet, they like the American classical style:

We went to Jim Dandy. Deep in Parkrose, it's like another world out there.

Right to the point. This is seriously one of the best burgers we've had. Ever.

First pic is the Texas burger. Bacon, cheddar, bbq sauce, and a big ass onion ring. Condimentspreader loved it. I wanted it.

Second is of the "Jim Dandy" burger. American cheese, bacon, mushrooms, and some secret sauce that I think had a hint of bbq in it. Whatever it was, it ruled.

Burgers were not overdone, just right. Buns were tasty, not too spongy.

This place has it all. Hot dogs wrapped in bacon, shakes made to order, crinkle cut fries, old men smoking out on the patio saying that this is the best burger in town, etc.

It really has been there since 1937 as well. It was just in a trailer before (according to the waitress).

Go. Now.

Jim Dandy
9626 NE Sandy Blvd.
Portland, OR 97220


Anonymous said...

What's the address?

Anonymous said...

Went to this place last night and I wasn't really near as impressed as the reviewers were. The burgers were fine, nothing special but not terrible. The special sauce they were talking about didn't seem to contain BBQ sauce but instead Miracle Whip! Which is just... ewwww.

My daughter also ordered the hot dog and I must admit I felt terrible watching her eat it. It looked like it was at 7-11 in one of those rotating machines for 6 days. Either that or it was deep fried. Regardless it was brown, hard and crispy. Barely edible.

Then again you go there for burgers and not hot dogs, at least on this site.

I'd recommend it for a good cheap fix but I'd hold the sauce unless you like that miracle whip flavor.

Benjamin Parrish said...

taht texas burger looks so good. but it's way out of the way, i'll probably never get to eat it.

Anonymous said...

Went there today and it wasn't bad...maybe a 6.5-7 on scale of 1-10. It's not a real clean place; kinda disjointed when you walk in. Takes a minute or two to realize you need to go to the counter to order, and the lady today seemed frazzled and slow.

Had the double royal -- basically a double cheeseburger, and fries. Burger was one of those too big to get your mouth around, so started slopping to the back of the burger. But it did hold its own.

Tasty...8.5 or so. Fries crisp and good.

Glad I went; probably won't go back. Basically checking it off the list.

Anonymous said...

jim dandy was amazing!!
i love it, from Hawaii and we dont have a variety of burger places...
it was great to get out of the regular McDonalds routine.
i love'd it when i visited around august'08. cant wait to visit Oregon again and hopefully pass through jim dandy....keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

The decor was nice. I like classic burgers, like Jim Dandy makes, but the burger over there was not even as good as most fast food chain offerings.

The perfectly round disk of meat they use to make the hamburgers looked suspiciously industrial, and it tasted like they didn't bother to thaw it out before they threw it on the grill.