Thursday, September 20, 2007

Burger Tour: ERS-ONE / Magneto (San Francisco)

Portland Hamburgler the "BurgerBlogger" is still on the road touring and updates us about his burger action in San Francisco.

Check out his mid-west action and info here.

So last weekend I DJ'd at Club Icon in SF with Dj Audio1 (and went to Treasure Island Festival) we drove from Santa Barbara it was a 4.5 hour drive for me.

The best burger i had all weekend was at Flippers in Hayes valley.

This is the "Clipper Flipper" three-cheeseburger, nice. Good tasty burger. Worked well with all the cheesiness. I think it was like $10.00.

Second best burger was in Paso Robles at Good ol' Burgers. You can see the Cocineros cook up the tasteyness. I had the "Coyote Burger" with secret sauce and avocado + seasoned fries $10.00. My friend Manabu had that massiveness. The same as the "Coyote Burger", TRICE the meat.

Lori's Diner San Francisco Union Square. Blues Burger made better with a generous portion of Blue Cheese. GOOD
I think I remember it being good. i was a bit faded.

The fourth best was at Grubstake. They had world clocks, NY, Portugal, Tokyo and PORTLAND! "Grubstake Nugget": a cheeseburger with bacon and fried egg featured here. They had nuff condiments.


Americancheese said...

Flipper's is good. Used to live right by there. Disappointed that the burger and fries is now upwards of 10 bucks. Inflation sucks.

Anonymous said...

Flippers better than a Nugget from grubsteak. I think not.