Friday, March 21, 2008

Burger Skills: Pizza VS Hamburgers

So many choices in America these days. Why not just take our two national food groups and put them together already.

Oh my. Cheese sauce filling with pizza sauce mixed in. Dare you. (photo from Afiler)

This is the "55 Bacon Cheeseburger" Pizza from Mission Pizza in San Francisco. Mustard Sauce, Pepper-Jack Cheese, Bacon, Red Onions, Ground Beef, Tomatoes, and Pickles (photo from Ollinkatl)

How could we forget the the portly Supersized Meals and their wonderful deconstruction of American cuisine.

Then there is the former Chicago Cub Micheal Barrett who had a custom "signature" Deep Dish Chicago style pizza at Gino's North called the "Bacon Cheeseburger" pizza.


Anonymous said...

Calamity Jane's does a Pizza Burger which is quite scary. If I get a chance to get out there I will snap a pic.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Whats a pizza burger