Monday, March 24, 2008

Conordia Ale House

UPDATED: 3.24.08

AmericanCheese takes a break from making Origami Bunny's for Zombie Jesus:

The girlfriend and I decided a burger was in order so we stopped at this joint. (and wow, the corner of 33rd and Killingsworth ain't how it used to be, that's for sure).

Anyway, the photo is of the "Firehouse Burger". Half pound patty, two onion rings, pepper bacon, sliced jalapenos, and something called "Hades" sauce, which is just a spicy bbq sauce as far as I can tell. $8.75 with fries. Good fries too.

It was actually pretty good for standard fancy pub fair, but I paid for it in the morning. Spicy!

Nice place, a little strangely put together, but whatever. Also the best bottled beer selection I've seen this side of the Horse Brass.

All in all, good. A little spendy for my tastes, but I'm cheap.



I couldn't tell you anything about this place. I was at work and asked if I wanted a burger. Yes Please! The burger overall was alright. Nothing to really complain about, but not much to say either. Overdone, and the fries looked like they were covered in some kind of seasoning, but lacked any flavor at all. I dunno.

Concordia Ale House
3276 NE Killingsworth St
Portland, OR 97211

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AmericanCheese said...

Firehouse burger had pepperjack cheese on it too. Duh.