Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Burger Tour: Tittsworth

That Baltimore sound is getting pretty big these last couple of years. Think I'm joking? Check out that tour schedule. Try and catch him before he gets on another plane (what no Portland?).

You could watch his MTV interview, listen to his XFM mix and do the Ed Lover dance, buy his records, or stalk him on MySpace if you are into that sort of thing. Or just go to New York and catch him at The Rub.

Today he fills us in on some Australian burgering:

The "Coat of Arms Damper." Damper being the bun, a traditional Aussie soda bread. "Coat of Arms" referring to the fact that you are eating both of their national animals in one stop shop! Ground Kangaroo burger w/ Emu prosciutto (the bacon looking stuff). Yummy!

Oh and you can keep up with him at: Tittsworth.com

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Manolo said...

Jesseeeee is the ish....his music is my soundtrack to my burger excursions