Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hollywood Burger Bar

Pickles & Ammo and the Hamburgler visit one of Portland's burger classics, the Hollywood Burger Bar. Somewhere in the 1920's this was a trolly ticket sales booth, then a dry cleaners before becoming the burger joint we know today since 1954.

Inka (pictured above in all her Betty Boop glory) has owned this joint for about 18 years now and is still serving the burger that is winning head-to-head battles.

Pickles & Ammo hit the bullseye and put down a swiss/mushroom/bacon while the Hamburgler kept to the classic bacon/cheese.

Burgers start at $5.00 with fries/potato salad/cottage cheese/chips and top off with the "Hollywood Ultimate Double" for $8.00 with two patties/bacon/swiss and cheddar. Gardenburger option available as well.

Hollywood Burger Bar
4211 NE Sandy Blvd.
Portland, OR 97213

M/F 7:30-4:00pm
Sat: 8:00-4:00pm


Paul Gerald said...

They serve a pretty casual and tasty breakfast, too -- great bacon!

Unknown said...

They are the nicest people.
Real down home family fun.
Salt of the earth.
Tasty Burgers, too.

Anonymous said...

charming diner atmosphere..but possibly the WORST burger I've ever had! burnt to a crisp on one side of patty, cheese placed at last second on patty and not melted. How in the heck did they "win" the Hollywood neighborhood's burger battle title of "most popular burger?" I it's the "most popular burger" to those with very poor taste!

Craig Elliott said...

Sorry you had a bad experience at our place. Please come in & identify yourself & we'll try to make it right. One question however. Did you tell US there was a problem right then so we could take care of it? We can't fix what we don't know is wrong. It's really hard on us to find out there is a problem by reading it in a public forum, when we weren't told about it at the time of service. Thanks for reading. To all readers, if you come in & don't like something, TELL US 1st. If you do like it, tell everyone else. Craig